Upcoming Presentations

Date Title Presenter
June 4, 2024 Soldering Demonstration Kelly (WB5MZT)
July 2024 Setting up FT8 using multiple computers Jesse (W1BBT)

Recent Presentations

Date Title Description
May 2, 2024 Bylaws Proposed Changes Revision 2 Updated proposed modifications to bylaws changes received March 7, 2024
May 2, 2024 UHF/VHF and HF "Go Boxes" Mark (KJ5CBL) does a show and tell on his UHF/VHF and HF Go Boxes
Apr 4, 2024 Practical Propagation Don (KI5AIU) explains tools available for determining propagation
Mar 7, 2024 Bylaws Proposed Changes Changes received by Jesse (W1BBT) after proposed modifications
Mar 7, 2024 Bylaws Proposed Changes Comparison Changes received by Jesse (W1BBT) presented in comparison format
Mar 7, 2024 Winlink for EmComm Mark (K9YXF) does a deep dive into getting started with Winlink
Feb 1, 2024 San Antonio Digital Radio Club Infrastructure Update Doug (N8IQT) presents updates from SADRC repeater network
Radio Ops Off The Grid Don (KI5AIU) shows off his off grid shack solution
RACES, ARES and CERT Greg (K5KYR) explains what RACES, ARES and CERT are
Dec 7, 2023 Christmas 2023 Marsh (WA5UBO) recaps the events at the Christmas party
Nov 2, 2023 Getting Antennae into Trees Don (KI5AIU) presents techniques on getting your antennaes off the ground
Nov 2, 2023 Putting together a Radio Go Bag Don (KI5AIU) breaks down the essentials for getting on the air on the road

External Publications

As members find useful information, we try to aggregate that information here to make locating it easier. KARS has reached out to the following authors/publishers and have been granted rights to republish them. KARS would like to extend our gratitude to them for allowing us to make it easy for our members to find ths information:
Title Author/Credits
Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Station Part 1Ron Block (NR2B) and QST (June 2002)
Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Station Part 2Ron Block (NR2B) and QST (July 2002)
Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Station Part 3Ron Block (NR2B) and QST (August 2002)

Older Presentations

Title Description
An Easy to build HamClock How to build a HamClock using a Raspberry Pi
DX Basics Big file. Give it time to load. Talks to equipment, logging software, LoTW and Club Log.
HF Operating Part 1 Part 1 -- Offers suggestions how to commence on HF in general.
HF Operating Part, 2 Part 2 -- Software for HF Operating, LoTW and other pertinent information.
HF Operating, Part 3 Part 3 -- Contesting.
Antenna Line Tuners KARS discussion about line turners used by various members.
NVIS Many Sweepstakes contesters use NVIS to harvest contacts within 300 - 400 miles.
Membership Update Committee discussions on club growth.
Repeater Roadmap 4/2018 KARS Repeater Strategy and Roadmap - 1
Repeater Report Background information on our repeaters, tower and antennas a/o 2019.
Repeater Report 2021 Update on construction of the repeater building and current status of the KB5TX repeater site at Tower Road
Broadcastify comes to KARS How to put audio feeds on the net, with KB5TX as an example.
Flex Corky, WB5CIT tells you about Flex Radio.
Nano Low Cost VNA N7RF tells you about a Vector Network Analyzer.
ARISS Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.
Wires - X How to information by Don Udel KI5AIU
Trouble Shooting Barrel Connectors
Grounds and Grounding By Corky Sarvis, WB5CIT. A saga of a lightning strike and then....
Winlink What is Winlink (and why should I care) by Don Udel, KI5AIU
Echolink Comes to KARS This software allows stations to communicate with one another over the Internet. By Don Udel, KI5AIU
Interfacing for Digital modes Another excellent presentation by Don Udel KI5AIU to tell you about the hardware connections for various radios.
KB5TX Connectors Ben Koerner talks about LMR400, LMR240, and how to install and waterproof crimp connectors.
Old website Access to the previous website for various posts that did not transfer to the new website