KARS sometimes receives equipment from our silent key members as donations or where their survivors have asked our assistance in selling thier equipment. Below are items currently in our inventory that would look lovely in your shack! Contact Marsh (WA5UBO) via email at for information and purchase.

Brand Description Status Serial Number Status Price
ICOM IC_2KL Linear Amp with Power Supply   1772 $790
ICOM IC-718 HF Transceiver   206232 $460
ICOM AT-180 Antenna Tuner   11177 $260
ICOM AT-500 Antenna Tuner   56000051 $280
ICOM PS-15 Power Supply   6818 $65
Ten-Tec Corsair 560 HF Base Station   56000051 $215
Yaesu FL-2100B Linear amp with built in power supply (Tubes)   7J200161 $450
Yaesu FT-72R Mobile VHF   70627 Make Offer
Yaesu FT-72R Mobile VHF   40414 Make Offer
BaoFeng UV-82 Dual Band HT with whip VHF UHF   832542 $15
BaoFeng UV-82 Dual Band with Wip VHF + 220   A01473 $15
BaoFeng UV-5RE+ Dual Bander HT with whip VHF +UHF   52011082 $15
BaoFeng BF-666s Dual Band HT with whip UHF   2FP1918 $15
Radio Shack Pro 94 Dual trunking scanner uses AA batteries Box & Documents   $49
Tripplite pr-25 25A Regulated linear power supply   $80
Daiwa NS-660PA SWR Power meter up to 3KW   J03002 $125
Radio Shack SWR Meter to 2kw   $10
Astatic pdc1 swr METER 100w   $12
mfj mfj-4724 Remote antenna switch 4X4 Brand New in Box   $110
MFJ MFJ-962D Versatuner III with SWR 1.5KW with roller ind. (Service Req)   $195
Rig Blaster Pro   $45
MFJ MFJ-1279 Deluxe sound card radio interface   $80
Signallink Integrated USB Sound Card   $75
RCA VH-126R Small Rotor and control box   $80
MFJ Super Hi- Q Loop with controler   719 New $445
ICOM sm-30 Desk Microphone   $80
OPEK 3 position Coax Switch   $15
Yaesu FT2400 2 Meter mobile   2G201346 Working, with box, manual, mic and power cable $185
Azden PCS-7000h 2 Meter mobile   80397 with mic, mobile mount $50
KDK FM-240 2 Meter mobile   2522 Works, with box, manual, mic and power cable. 3w/11w $15
Kenwood TH-215A 2meter HT   8030744 Working, with box, manual, mic and power brick and two batteries $45
ICOM IC-V8 2m HT   2511276 Battery; but missing charger $45
ICOMIC-22A 2 Meter mobile   1677 unit only no Vfo xtal controlled. $25
KDK FM-2033 2 Meter mobile   4691 with mic and power cord. Works? $20
Ameco code oscilator OCM-2   n/a Straight key $35
Icom IC-3PE Power Supply   1479 3A output, works $25
Astron RS-12 Power Supply   84090737 12A output, works $40
Hygain Rotor and control Tail Twister   84283 Works $425
Yaesu FT-757GX Base Station HF   110875 Matching power supply/speaker FP-757HD, working $590
Yaesu FC-757AT Tuner for FT-757GX   70856 $110
Kenwood TS-711A 2 meter base   6030212 With Antenna Tuner AT-250 sn:7020101, has mic power cord $370
Kenwood SP-240 Speaker   5060351 w/ts-430 Make Offer
MFJ-986 Tuner   n/a $280
Dentrol 160-10L Amp   1230 220v Amp Non working at time Make Offer
Kenwood MC-60 Desk mic   793 $115
Daiwa CS401 4 Port SW   n/a 4 port antenna switch $70
Autek Research WM1   n/a SWR power with remote sensor SOLD $50
Hallicrafters S38 C S.W. Receiver   n/a Vintage 6tube S.W. Rec. Good shape for electronic Restoration $45
Cushcraft 5 Element 6mt Yagi PENDING CHS-A505S Still in nice condition $225
Trans World Portable Antenna   5 band explorer kit. Missing control box for the 5 band unit $275
ICOM OPC-581 Separation Cable for 706Mk2 radio   New In Box $50
Hex Lock NN4ZZ Hex beam titl fixture $130
ICOM IC-7410 HF Base Station SOLD 2002744 $670
ICOM IC-751 HF Base Station SOLD 6469 $365
ICOM SP-3 Speaker SOLD 10857 $70
ICOM SP-3 Speaker SOLD 17836 $60
ICOM T-90A Multi band HT w complete whip No charger) SOLD 506660 $55
BaoFeng UV-82Dual Band with wip VHF+UHF SOLD V91317 $15
BaoFeng GT-5TP Dual Band HT with whipVHF-UHF SOLD T507058 $15
Uniden BC560XLT Scanner SOLD 25013071 $25
Astron RS-20A Power Supply SOLD $50
ICOM sm-6 Desk Microphone SOLD $55
Icom CT-16 Satellite unit SOLD $10
Radio Shack 21-130 Amplifed remote speaker SOLD $10
Kenwood TS430S Base Station HF SOLD 4081940 With PS-430 power supply s/n: 5110541 $580
Kenwood MC-60 Desk mic SOLD $115
Kenwood SW-200A “No Couplers” SOLD $80
60' Free standing Tower 60' Aluminum SOLD Free standing, "14 Yards of cement for base required" $1550
3 Aluminum 6’ tubing SOLD $120
MFJ MFJ-949E Versatuner SOLD $95