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To become a member of the Kendall Amateur Radio Society, please complete the membership form linked below and bring it and your membership fee to the next scheduled meeting. KARS Membership Application

Member Dues

Paid members may participate in association voting events. You can pay your dues at any meeting, or electronically using Square. Click on the Square logo to visit our pay portal.


Below are members along with their callsigns, links to their page,operator class, and the year their membership expires:
Name Callsign Class Expires
Al Walters K5NOF Extra 2024
Aubrey Sanderson KC1GDY Extra 2024
Ben Koerner K5AYR Extra 2024
Betty Pronneke KC5MYE Technician 2024
Bill Roberts KI5UAT General 2025
Bob Craig W5RMC Extra 2025
Bob Rosier K4OCE Extra 2024
Brad Peace N5PBP Extra 2023
Bruce Barber KJ6YDH Technician 2024
Chris Wallendorf KD5ZLR General 2024
Chris Yeagley KF5EOS Technician 2023
Colin Sanderson KI5FEP Extra 2024
Corky Sarvis WB5CIT Extra 2024
Craig Kennedy KB5BI Advanced 2024
Crissy Ruffo K5RUF Technician 2023
Danny Styles K5STY General 2024
Dave Allen N0IPQ Extra 2024
Dave Moore N7RF Extra 2024
David Scott AA7FW Extra 2023
Denis Cahill KJ5EHE General 2024
Donald Ainsworth KJ5CGA Technician 2024
Don Udel KI5AIU Extra 2024
Doug Svitchan N8IQT Advanced 2024
Emory Bluhm W5WEB General 2025
Ethan Taha KI5SLS Technician 2023
Frank Murphy KJ6LOV Technician 2024
Fred Richardson AB7IJ Extra 2024
Name Callsign Class Expires
Fred Wolf KI5VRF General 2024
Garrett Mitchell KJ5ANG Technician 2023
Gavin Bromfield KI5MCD Technician 2024
George Griesbach W5GRG General 2025
Greg Collins K5KYR Extra 2024
Greg Stone W5GBS Extra 2024
Jack Bartell KI5TKR General 2024
James Mitchell KJ5FIF Extra 2024
Jerry Cornell N5SGM Extra 2024
Jerry Migely W5MIG Extra 2024
Jesse Jarrell W1BBT General 2025
Jim Nelson W6TIR General 2024
Jim Payne KM4DVA General 2024
JoAnn Mannise     2024
John Ruffo KK4ZRP Extra 2023
John Wildenthal KG5PHX Technician 2024
Johnny Wallace K5POP Extra 2024
Karl Oelschlaeger K5OEL Extra 2023
Kelly Randal WB5MZT Extra 2024
Ken Nichols KD3VK Advanced 2024
Layla Rutherford KI5MRL Technician 2022
Lee Besing N5NTG General 2023
Lloyd Swartz KF5ZHW Extra 2024
Lucas Becker KI5SAK Technician 2024
Lyle Wilson KG5SFZ General 2024
Marco Nunez KD5HQL General 2024
Maria Beisert KI5NJG Technician 2024
Name Callsign Class Expires
Mark Champion WM3R Extra 2024
Mark Chapman KJ5CBL Technician 2024
Mark Grant W5MBG Extra 2024
Mark Harris K9YXF Extra 2024
Mark Rosier KE5GL Advanced 2024
Mark Seamans N5YZV Extra 2023
Marsh Pronneke WA5UBO Advanced 2024
Marv Huff W5GLO Extra 2024
Michael Peese KJ5BNN General 2024
Mike Lopez KG5PEZ Technician 2024
Mitch Dullnig W5OAG Extra 2024
Paul Friemel KI5YUP Technician 2024
Pete Marks K2PLM Extra 2025
Peter Mannise     2024
Rick Tilburg N5RCT General 2024
Robby Sarvis KG5DLA Technician 2024
Rod Townsend N3ROD Technician 2024
Ronnie Pitcock KG0NN Extra 2023
Rowland Hill K5TY Extra 2024
Scott Simpson KE5EO Extra 2024
Stephen Schwarz KA5WJY Extra 2024
Steve Lazar W5SCL Advanced 2024
Tim Grogan W5ATG Extra 2025
Tom Hefner KI5KUI General 2024
Tom Rosier N5TER General 2024
Wayne Varco KC6BAV General 2024
Wyatt Wright N5ACW Extra 2023
Active Members:
Inactive Members: