Kendall Amateur Radio Society



Build a Hi-Performance Quad Bob Rosier-K4OCE, shows how to build a high performance Cubical Quad.
DX Basics Big file.  Give it time to load.  Talks to equipment, logging software, LoTW and Club Log.
HF Operating  Part 1 Part 1 -- Offers suggestions how to commence on HF in general.
HF Operating Part, 2 Part 2 -- Software for HF Operating, LoTW and other pertinent information.
HF Operating, Part 3 Part 3 -- Contesting.
Hotspots Interested in digital hotspots?  Start here.
NVIS Many Sweepstakes contesters use NVIS to harvest contacts within 300 - 400 miles.
Membership Update Committee discussions on club growth.
Repeater Report Background information on our repeaters, tower and antennas.
Broadcastify comes to KB5TX How to put audio feeds on the net, with KB5TX as an example
Presentations/Remote Field Strength Meter How to build a Field Strength Meter and why you want one.
How to make yourself a HotSpot Step by step on how to build yourself a digital hotspot.