Kendall Amateur Radio Society



Build a Hi-Performance Quad Bob Rosier-K4OCE, shows how to build a high performance Cubical Quad.
DX Basics Big file.  Give it time to load.  Talks to equipment, logging software, LoTW and Club Log.
HF Operating  Part 1 Part 1 -- Offers suggestions how to commence on HF in general.
HF Operating Part, 2 Part 2 -- Software for HF Operating, LoTW and other pertinent information.
HF Operating, Part 3 Part 3 -- Contesting.
Hotspots Interested in digital hotspots?  Start here.
NVIS Many Sweepstakes contesters use NVIS to harvest contacts within 300 - 400 miles.
Repeater Report Background information on our repeaters, tower and antennas.
Broadcastify comes to KB5TX How to put audio feeds on the net, with KB5TX as an example
Presentations/Remote Field Strength Meter How to build a Field Strength Meter and why you want one.
How to make yourself a HotSpot Step by step on how to build yourself a digital hotspot.