Station Architecture for HF


From Dave Moore, N7RF.  My present to himself was the addition of a second Yaesu FT-950 tothe shack. The 950 is several years out of production. Its replacement, theFT-1200, does pretty much the exact same stuff but the knobs and interfaces are different. I opted for familiarity and commonality and purchased a second 950 on eBay that had very low hours on the clock.Station 2 will be devoted to VHF/UHF operations, six meters directly, and 144/432/1296 (etc.) via transverters. I kept my Rig Expert Standard (CAT/CODEX interface) for controlling the CAT functions on station 1 but added a SignalLink USB audio CODEX (audio interface only - no CAT function) so I could route the audio to the PC from either radio.
The HF station retains the CAT so I can still click on the Ham Radio Deluxe DX cluster display and have the radio jump over to any DX station of interest. The easily installed SignalLink lets me operate digital modes on both radios without changing any cables. His next project is a new operating desk to replace the wooden folding table - longer, sturdier, neater (add some drawers hopefully).
Speaking of towers, Mike, the crane guy, has one he's trying to sell.  Sounds like a great deal for someone who can afford it. And, speaking of radios, Greg Lewis has a couple of FT-990s and FT-2000D's for sale as well as some other goodies.  de Dave, N7RF.
Yet to come. This topic will discuss a number of thoughts about station architecture like Dave's station description above.  It will include what is needed in the way of a reference library to get started.  Recommendations for antennas, transceiver and feed line.  A bit about digital modes and what you will need in the way of computer and software to get started.  From here into computer logging and how to get started with this.  Then electronic QSL via ARRL's Lotw and Club Log.  Stay turned.  This section is under construction.  de Al K5NOF.