Kendall Amateur Radio Society


Meetings, Training and Testing


Our meeting location is the Emergency Management Services (EMS) Building Training Room, 1175 N. Main St., Boerne, TX 78006. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month and convene at 7:00 PM.  Enter through the door at the Southeast corner of the building.


There are many sources for self-study materials for your first and successive Ham Licenses.  Among the best are those offered by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  We will assign a mentor to help you select materials appropriate for the license class you wish or qualify for.  This mentor will then help you through the materials, so you will feel confident when you feel you are ready to take the examination.  Please -- do not call your mentor with a question in the middle of the night.


Start with the ARRL book store.  Buy the reference manuals for license levels you will prepare for at  Next, look at the web site area which give “how to” information about the tests.  You will need the study manual which will give you all the technical details behind the various questions, and the question pool.  You will also need a simple hand held calculator with enough power to do square route calculations.

Our suggestion is to read the study manual, understand the materiel and how to work the mathematical problems.  With this, then go through the question pool time and again.  Download the question pool into your PC and eventually, delete the wrong answers.

Know the band plans and the segments authorized for the level of license you are to be examined.

For Technician, know Ohm's Law, how to use it and how to do the related math.  The math will become more complicated as you test for General and Extra.  Work the problems time and again until you know the answers by examination.

You will not be allowed to use a programmable calculator during the exam.  We avoid any problem by having a simple calculator available for use by the examinee.

This is not hard!  Follow these suggestions and you will be ready to take your license examination in a very short period of time.


Volunteer Examiners:  KARS has 11 VE's and can test candidates for Technician, General, and Extra Class licenses.

When: During or after our regular monthly meeting, the first Thursday of each month.  Please call to schedule your test at least one week in advance.

Location: Boerne, TX.  See our location information above for specific location information.

What to bring: Original license plus 1 photocopy and any CSCE’s plus 1 photocopy, to be attached to test.  Also bring valid photo id and $15.00 cash payment.

Contact: Steve Verschoyle

Phone: 830-336-3324

Email: Testing