Kendall Amateur Radio Society



 Tony Patti, W5VHR (SK)

To really understand the history of KARS you must know something about the activity (or lack thereof) and the local hams at the time KARS came into being.

There were few active amateurs in Boerne in 1975 and the first one I met was Charlie Suggs, W5OW. At that time we were living in our motor home at the Cardinal Court on Johns Road, preparatory to moving into the area permanently.  I was operating high frequency on a fairly regular basis and never heard any local activity.  It was on two meters one day that I heard Charlie (W5OW) and gave him a call.  After several contacts on two meters, Charlie told me where he was and invited me and Doris over to see him. 

Charlie was a retired navy commander and had served in the navy since he was about sixteen years old.  He liked to tell how he got into the service at that age.  He had lots of sea duty in the far east, including some exciting and risky operations on the Yangtze River in China.  In later years he spent time in the Washington D.C. area where, among other things, he was instrumental in the development and introduction of single side band communication.  Charlie had an ideal ham's location.  He lived on eleven acres outside of town and had a tower for a tri-bander and two meter antennas and lots of room for flat tops.  He also had some of the nicest (Collins) equipment any ham would love to own.  Charlie, in conjunction with AACOG, was instrumental in procuring the EMS tower for the county.  He also pointed out to the commissioners court, and others, the importance of emergency communications facilities and how the local amateur radio operators could provide this service.  This rapport between the hams and the county government still exists and we enjoy mutual cooperation between the two groups.

In March, 1976 we moved to Boerne permanently.  We didn't know for some time that one of our neighbors was George Porter, WB5KPQ.  George never complained about the interference, but it seems his television set jumped up and down every morning when I worked twenty meters into a dipole strung between two trees.   At the time I believed I was the only active ham on H.F. in Boerne and one of the few that worked two meters.  There were several radio clubs in San Antonio and I soon joined the San Antonio Radio Club.  Early in 1979 I met a man interested in becoming a ham and I helped him get his first license.  He studied the material and asked me if I would administer his test.  He passed on the first try and received the call WD5JIR.  WD5JIR was highly motivated and in the spring of 1980 was talking about starting a radio club in Boerne.  The man was Dwight Barbee, the man most responsible for the founding of KARS.

Although I was a newcomer to Boerne, I was very active.  I was a member of the Boerne Lions Club, had organized the Boerne Camera Club and had articles and pictures published in the Boerne Star.  I met Dwight Barbee in early 1980 at a Boerne Camera Club meeting.  When he learned I was a ham, he told me he was interested and wanted to get a license.  With my help, he was soon licensed as a novice and got his first call, WD5JIR.  He soon felt the need for a radio club in Boerne.  He compiled a list of all the hams he knew in the area and asked me to help him obtain more.  That was Dwight: ask someone to help, but do most of the work yourself.   

Once the decision was made to organize a radio club, it was evident there would soon be a radio club in Boerne.  What we didn't realize was that it would come about within one or two months.  The real drive came from Dwight, who lived about ten miles east of Boerne.   Because he didn't know many people in the area, and lived quite a distance from all activities, Dwight asked me to co-chair the organizing process and conduct the meetings.

Preparation for the meeting was very thorough to assure smoothness and success.  Doris Patti (now N5QEL) worked at the University Savings and Loan at Main and Blanco and obtained the board meeting room for our August 28, 1980 meeting, free of charge. 

At Dwight’s request, I chaired the first meeting with twenty-eight prospective members present.  I introduced those present, stated the purpose of the meeting and announced the tentative goals as follows:

1.   To establish a radio club in Boerne

2.   To establish an emergency communications net.

3.   To define the club activities.

Other areas addressed were the financial needs, securing a meeting place and establishing meeting dates.  I explained the organization procedure, the option and advantages of incorporation and the procedure and cost involved.  I read the tentative constitution that I wrote and proposed for the club.  I opened the floor for discussion after each clause was read and questions were answered.  Also, suggestions were taken for consideration.  I then read tentative By-Laws that I wrote and proposed for the club.  Again the floor was opened for questions and suggestions as each clause was read.  The suggestions would be considered and the revised documents would be presented at the next meeting for approval and ratification.  I then turned the meeting over to Dwight.

Dwight described the situations under which our club could be of service to the community.  He announced that we had been offered, through the MARS organization, equipment for establishing a repeater station when the club became an entity.  It was obvious that all in attendance were pleasantly surprised and pleased at the progress that had already been made.  The County representative, Mr. Ed Mergele, Assistant Civil Defence Officer for Kendall County, who was in attendance, was very receptive to our plans and assured us of their cooperation.

Ray Wangler, W5EDZ, West Gulf Director for the American Radio Relay League, was invited and was given the opportunity to address the group.  Ray described the ARRL, its history, purpose and function for individual members and member clubs.  He also contributed a copy of a sample constitution for our use.  He described our representation by the ARRL in Washington and how it acts in the interests of amateur radio.

The first order of business was to establish dues and enroll charter members of the club.  Dwight suggested dues be set at seven dollars per year.  There was also a suggestion of eight dollars.  After a short discussion, club dues were adopted as follows:


Annual dues                                                          -   $7.00

Associate member                                              -    $5.00

Member and spouse                                            -  $10.00

                                                Full-time students                                                 -    1/2 price

                                      Initiation fee (after adoption of constitution)      -  $5.00 


I appointed George Porter, WB5KPQ, acting Treasurer and the following money was collected:


   19 members -     @ $7.00     -     $133.00

   4 member and spouse - @ $10  -  $40.00

 Total-                                           $173.00


The next order of business was to elect officers for 1980.  The floor was open for nominations for each of the offices of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Also, three directors had to be elected, one for three years, one for two years and one for one year.  The results of the election were as follows: 


President:   Tony Patti, W5VHR

Vice President:   Dwight D.Barbee, WD5JIR

Secretary:   Aubrey Armstrong, K5MOF

Treasurer:   George Porter, WB5KPQ

Directors:   Don Veir, WB5LHK - 3 years

                   Richard Kilman, N5BBI - 2 years

                   Les Langhennig, WD5FXZ - 1 yr


Before adjournment, the Chairman appointed Don Vier, WB5LHK, chairman of the nominating committee.  Members of the committee were Dwight Todd, WD5JIR and Bob Seidler, N5BMT.  The Chairman requested to not be considered for office.

The second meeting of KARS was held at the University Savings Building on September, 1980.  The president announced the appointment of chairmen of several committees needed to perform necessary functions of the club.  The chairmen were as follows:


House                         Tony Patti  W5VHR

Repeater                      Dave Perry W4KGU

Membership                Les EssingtonW5BE and Walter Burton KB5BM

Bulletin                       Dwight D.Barbee WD5JIR and Dave Perry W4KGU

Emergency                  Don Vier WB5LHK and Nate Roberts N7AXT

Special Events             Les Langehennig WD5FXZ

Programs                     Tony Patti W5VHR


Changes were made in the Constitution and By-Laws as suggested at the first meeting.  The documents were read and submitted for a vote.  The Constitution and By-Laws were ratified.  Copies would be given to the officers and others requesting them at the next meeting. 

One of the main topics of the second meeting was stating the objectives and missions of the organization.  One of the main reasons for organizing the club was public service and emergency communications.  The local hams got their first test even before the official founding of the organization.  When South Texas was threatened by Hurricane Allen, the area hams were able to function in the best interests of community safety. WB5LHK and N7AXT operated all bands, all mode mobile stations.  W4KGU, W5VHR and WD5FXZ went on location, operating as a two meter net.   

As President, I stated our objectives as follows:

The mission of the Kendall Amateur Radio Society is not only to provide the normal entertainment and achievement goals of ham radio operators, but also to serve the community.  The main means of community service is to provide radio communications in case of emergencies, such as storms, floods, hazardous spills and other such disasters that could result in loss or damage of property and displacement of people.

Another area of service is to establish and conduct classes for the purpose of obtaining licenses to operate radios in the amateur bands.  Since 1980 the club has conducted such classes and has helped many individuals obtain licenses. 


KARS was born in 1980, a short, but very busy and productive year.  Short because, although organizing activities began in spring, officers were not elected until September 1980.  Officers were President, Tony Patti, W5VHR; Vice President, Dwight Barbee, WD5JIR; Secretary, Aubrey Armstrong, K5MOF; Treasurer, George Porter, WB5KPQ. 

One concern of several of the original members was that we might become a REPEATER club rather than a radio club with a repeater.  There is a big difference.  Right from the outset we were a radio club - and, although we soon did have a repeater, we never forgot our original mission and sponsored many activities such as code and theory classes for all ages, demonstration of the hobby in the local schools and judging science fairs at the high school.  In early summer of 1980 when hurricane Allen threatened the area, our members Don, WB5LHK; Nate, N7AXT; Dave, W4KGU; Tony, W5VHR; Les, WD5FXZ; Paul, N5AWM; and Rich, N5BBI set up radios on two meters and high frequencies to handle emergency communications.  This was prior to installation of our first repeater.

The repeater committee chaired by Dave Perry, W4KGU, with Les, WD5FXZ, went into action like it was an emergency.  Les did some effective detective work in search of any equipment we might be able to use as our first repeater.  He located some equipment on the east side of San Antonio and he and Judy, WD5FXY, drove their truck to the home of Gary Sheets, WD5FWP to make an appraisal of the find.  The equipment consisted of a repeater in a four-foot rack and a set of "cans" (duplexer).  The asking price was four-hundred dollars, more than the club could afford at that time.  Les and Judy purchased the equipment for the club and brought it to the home of Dave Perry.  The committee arranged for an operating frequency and had the machine operating from downtown Boerne within a few weeks.  The Langhennigs never asked for reimbursement - nor were they ever compensated for the purchase.  We have been, and still are, deeply indebted to Les and Judy.

In January 1981 the repeater was moved to the property of the late Moe Morris, KB5TX, on Tower Road, a short distance from the SO repeater.  The equipment was set on a second story deck or veranda of the Morris home which was still under construction.  The antenna mast was erected on a hill west of the Morris residence, well above the house roof level.

The club had a repeater in operation within several months of its birth and also a newsletter within one month.  Here is a short quote of co-founder and newsletter editor Dwight, WD5JIR in the October 1980 issue: "The first meeting of the radio amateurs in the Boerne area was held in August 1980.  To great success, The Kendall  Amateur Radio Society was founded, officers installed and constitution structure adopted.  Twenty-seven people signed up in several categories of membership."  Not bad for a few dedicated people in a small town!

While it is true that KARS membership for the first year was a healthy thirty-five, a major portion of that number included hams and non-hams from Boerne and surrounding communities who supported us.  We were fortunate to have the support of the amateur radio community to get us started.  Their attendance and contribution at our founding meeting was then, and is now, appreciated.  There were probably about twenty hams in the Boerne area at that time, and it would be optimistic to expect that all would join, or even attend the first meeting.  We are indeed indebted to all of the hams that rallied to our founding of KARS.

Our second year membership was closer to reality for a community of this size.  Unfortunately, our minutes book was lost several years ago and we do not have a membership record for thefirst five years.  As best the memory serves in 1998, the following calls were included in our second year membership:


There may have been two or three more and I apologize to those who slipped my memory.  The point is that we had limited funds and a "work force" of perhaps seven hams that could be counted on to perform the physical functions necessary for a club with a repeater and committed to public service.

Our second president, Les Essington, W5BE made some interesting remarks in accepting the office.  He said, "In accepting the responsibility as your new president for 1981, it is with the knowledge that a successful year can be achieved only with the combined efforts, interests and talents of each officer, director, committee and member."  Les also said, "My impressions tell me that KARS membership is indeed blessed with an abundance of the qualities needed for success and growth.  KARS will succeed and grow as a service to its members and to the community."  Les had vision for the future and confidence in our members.  Les was licensed in 1922 and was a top world DXer with confirmation for all but five or six countries and entities recognized by the ARRL when he died on November 25, 1993.


The April 1982 KARS Newsletter announced our participation in the ARRL Field Day operation.  This was our first Field Day - but not too bad for a club in its second year.  Several operators were on hand to man three transmitters.  The list included the late Les, W5BE; Aubrey, K5MOF; Don, WB5LHK and Moe, KB5TX.  Others were Les, WD5FXZ; Bob, K4OCE; George, WB5KPQ and Tony, W5VHR. 

Moe offered his hilltop acreage and we very gladly accepted.  We operated mainly 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters.  We strung antennas, put up tents, ran lines for power and lights and set up tables and seating.  The details for who was responsible for what are only in the memories of some of us still around.  Best memory serves that Les, W5BE, set up a primarily CW station on 20 meters and sometimes 40 meters.  Bob, K4OCE worked phone and CW mostly to fill in for W5BE.  Les, WD5FXZ worked ten and fifteen, best we can remember.  Aubrey, K5MOF was mostly 40 meters sideband - for most of the twenty-four hours of operation.  Tony, W5VHR, and Moe, KB5TX filled in on CW and phone as required.  George, WB5KPQ was best remembered for cooking breakfast early Sunday morning - still remember how good those meals were.

One interesting thing that made a strong impression on me was a visit to Les, W5BE, about 5 a.m.  Les was sitting back as though taking a rest and I stopped to chat with him while.  We spoke for a minute or two when I realized what was coming over on CW was:  ........W5BE de VK4??  I said to Les, "He's talking to you!"  Les said very casually, "Yes."  Here he was talking to someone in Eastern Australia on CW and talking to me at the same time. Les didn't miss a word and went right on to answer him as though there was no interruption. Some of us (W5RCW and myself included) know that Les could copy fifty or sixty words per minute. We tested Les with some automatic sending and he read back what we sent.

Les earned a certificate for sixty years as a licensed operator back in 1980.  I figured it was possible that he got his first license before I was born.  When I asked him when he got his first license, he said summer of 1919.  I was born December 1919. 

Dwight Barbee - Co-founder of KARS:  KARS came about because of some driving forces.  One such driving force was Dwight Todd-Barbee.  Dwight lived on a small farm on route 474, not far from Kendalia.  When I met Dwight he had many interests, including ham radio ‑ but no license yet.  With lots of dedication, and a bit of help from me, he learned the code and the exam material and got his first license (WD5JIR) in June 1979. Dwight's other interests included photography and cooking.  He was a real gourmet cook.  I remember very well the invitation to roast goose dinner.

It was Dwight who suggested organizing a radio club in Boerne.  That story was told in a previous issue of the KARS Newsletter.  Shortly after KARS was born, Dwight issued the first KARS Newsletter in October 1980, two months after our organization meeting in August 1980.  That was not the only area in which Dwight reacted quickly.  He wasted no time getting on two meters and also the high frequencies.  At that time the nearest repeater was the 94 machine in San Antonio.  Also, working the Boerne stations on two meters was not easy from his location on a bend of the Guadalupe River.  To overcome this difficulty, he constructed a two‑meter quad beam and erected a tall mast.  I helped put that thing up about  forty or more feet and it was quite a project.  As I recall, all of the helpers he recruited were non‑hams except for me.

That antenna‑raising was no simple feat.  He had a fence builder come in with a power auger to drill holes for the guy anchors.  The "J" rods were put into place and the holes were filled with concrete.  Later I used the "power auger" men to drill four holes, each fourteen inches in diameter and six feet deep, to put up my un‑guyed mast.  Dwight was a positive influence on our amateur community back in 1979.  He acted as Kendall County Liaison station in conjunction with San Antonio Civil Defense when hurricane Allen struck the area in the summer of 1979.  Then‑County‑Judge William Whitworth and Steve Mergele, Director of Kendall County Civil Defense, expressed gratitude and appreciation for the readiness and dedication of area hams.  The local hams included ex and present members of KARS: WD5JIR, N5BBI, WD5FXZ, W5VHR, W4KGU, N7AXT, and the late N5AWM and WB5LHK.  This emergency operation occurred prior to organization of KARS.

Dwight soon passed the general and received the call N5DYI.  Much happened in the first two years of KARS, including installation of a repeater and conducting ham radio license classes.  Dwight left the area and in 1986 enrolled at UNLV, majoring in Criminal Justice.  In 1990, at age 61, and 43 years after graduating from high school, he received his degree in Criminal Justice and made the front page of the Las Vegas SUN.  We are fortunate to have had this man, retired because of poor sight in one eye, a resident of the community at least for a few years.   



Year         President                       Vice President                     Secretary                       Treasurer


1980       Tony Patti W5VHR                    Dwight  Barbee WD5JIR           Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          GeorgePorter WB5KPQ

1981       Les Essington W5BE                  Rawlins Morris KB5TX             Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          GeorgePorter WB5KPQ

1982       Les Essington W5BE                  Rawlins Morris KB5TX             Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          GeorgePorter WB5KPQ

1983       Rawlins Morris KB5TX             Don Vier WB5LHK                    Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          GeorgePorter WB5KPQ

1984       Don Vier WB5LHK                                                                         Abrey Armstrong K5MOF         GeorgePorter WB5KPQ

1985       George Porter WB5KPQ            Frank Wilson WB5HHF            Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rod Meade KA5OAL

1986       Frank Wilson WB5HHF            Will Liebmann KF5BT              Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1987       Will Liebmann KF5BT              Frank Wilson WB5HHF            Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1988       Larry Becker W5VEO               Rob Rosier K4OCE                    Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1989       Roger Wolfe KI5BO                   Lee Ziegenhals N5LYT              Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1990       Roger Wolfe KI5BO                   Lee Ziegenhals N5LYT              Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1991       John Witt W5MXN                     Richard Schwarz N5QPU          Abrey Armstrong K5MOF          Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1992       John Witt W5MXN                     Richard Schwarz N5QPU          Frank Wilson WB5HHF              Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1993       John Witt W5MXN                     Richard Schwarz N5QPU          Frank Wilson WB5HHF              Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1994       John Witt W5MXN                     Gill Harber KB5STL                  Mark Rosier KE5GL                    Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1995       David McDaniel AB5UE           Gill Harber KB5STL                  Mark Rosier KE5GL                    Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1996       David McDaniel AB5UE           Gill Harber KB5STL                  Mark Rosier KE5GL                    Rawlins Morris KB5TX

1997       David McDaniel AB5UE           Larry Becker W5VEO               Mark Rosier KE5GL                    John Edgar W5JWE

1998       David McDaniel AB5UE           Larry Becker W5VEO               Mark Rosier KE5GL                    John Edgar W5JWE

1999       David McDaniel AB5UE           Mark Rosier KE5GL                  Don Irwin KM5SY                        John Edgar W5JWE

2000       David McDaniel AB5UE           Mark Rosier KE5GL                  Don Irwin KM5SY                        John Edgar W5JWE

2001       David McDaniel AB5UE[1]          Mark Rosier KE5GL                  Don Irwin KM5SY                        John Edgar W5JWE

2002       Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ    Hubert Tatsch KC5HRN           Don Irwin KM5SY                        RichardMcDaniel KC5OEG

2003       Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ    Hubert Tatsch KC5HRN           Gary Manweiler W0ZXO            RichardMcDaniel KC5OEG

2004       Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ    Hubert Tatsch KC5HRN           Connie McWha KD5UXU          RichardMcDaniel KC5OEG

2005       Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ    Mike DeLeeuw W6WGE           John Graham KB5BVY               RichardMcDaniel K4RMC

2006       Mike DeLeeuw W6WGE          Bill Bedwell WC0B                     Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ[2]     Larry Becker W5VEO

2007       Mike DeLeeuw W6WGE          Bill Bedwell WC0B                     Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ      Larry Becker W5VEO

2008       Mike DeLeeuw W6WGE          Bill Bedwell WC0B                     Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ      Don Irwin KM5SY

2009       Mike DeLeeuw W6WGE          Bill Bedwell WC0B                     Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ      Don Irwin KM5SY

2010       Mike DeLeeuw W6WGE         Bill Bedwell WC0B                      Gerry NunanK2HIG                 Alan CowanWA5ZKO



2013      Mark Rosier KE5GL

2014      Dave Moore N7RF                   Steve Carr K5WAX                       Gerry Nunan K2HIG               Alan Cowan WA5ZKO

2015      Dave Moore N7RF                   Steve Carr K5WAX                       Gerry Nunan K2HIG               Alan Cowan WA5ZKO

2016      Dave Moore N7RF                   Steve Carr K5WAX                       Gerry Nunan K2HIG               Scott Simpson KF5WAY

2017      Dave Moore N7RF                   Steve Lazar W5SCL                       Gerry Nunan K2HIG              Ron Wood KF5SIJ  

2018      Dave Moore N7RF                   Steve Lazar W5SCL                       Rod Verndorn, K9ROD         Ron Wood KF5SIJ


[1]David resigned March 2001.  Mark Rosier KE5GL succeeded David; Mike W6WGE appointed V. P.

[2]Jim KK5RZ took over as Secretary during the summer. 




1980                       Don Vier WB5LHK                            Rich KilmanN5BBI                                           Les LangehenningWD5FXZ

1981                       Wayne Fagg N5GEG                         Bob Rosier K4OCE                                         Will Liebmann KF5BT




1985                       Wayne Fagg N5GEG                          Bob Rosier K4OCE                                       Will Liebman KA5QFR     

1986                       Bob Rosier K4OCE                             Will Liebman KA5QFR

1987                       Will Liebman KA5QFR                                                                                                 Tony Patti W5VHR                           

1988                                                                                    Tony Patti W5VHR                                            Alvin RobinsonW5RCW

1989                       Tony Patti W5VHR                            Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Les EssingtonW5BE

1990                       Tony Patti W5VHR                            Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Les EssingtonW5BE

1991                       Tony Patti W5VHR                            Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Les EssingtonW5BE

1992                       Les EssingtonW5BE                        Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Tommy Rosier KA5OSM

1993                       Gill Harber KB5STL                         Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Frank Wilson WB5HHF

1994                       Tommy Rosier KA5OSM                 Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 David McDaniel KC5DRO

1995                       John Witt W5MXN                             Gaines GarmerKB5YLP                                Alvin RobinsonW5RCW

1996                       John Witt W5MXN                             Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Bill VernorWB5FTG

1997                       John Witt W5MXN                             Alvin RobinsonW5RCW                                 Bill VernorWB5FTG

1998                       John Witt W5MXN                             Ace AdkinsK4KV                                             Bill VernorWB5FTG

1999                       John Witt W5MXN                             Ace AdkinsK4KV                                             Bill VernorWB5FTG

2000                       Dan Gudas W5AYB                          Ace AdkinsK4KV                                            Robert WheatonW5XW

2001                       Richard McDaniel KC5OEG           Robert WheatonW5XW                                  Hubert TatschKC5HRN

2002                       Robert WheatonW5XW                   Chuck LoydKC5FDJ                                       Carl WallsN5DXV                             

2003                       Chuck LoydKC5FDJ                       Carl WallsN5DXV                                             Chuck Casey KD5PEG[1]

2004                       Carl WallsN5DXV                             Alex ZogheibWB5YGW                                   David McDaniel AB5UE

2005                       Alex ZogheibWB5YGW                   David McDaniel AB5UE                                 Rich KilmanN5BBI

2006                       David McDaniel AB5UE                 Rich KilmanN5BBI                                           Alex ZogheibWO5F

2007                       Rich KilmanN5BBI                           Alex ZogheibWO5F                                          David McDaniel AB5UE

2008                       Alex ZogheibWO5F                          David McDaniel AB5UE                                  Rich Kilman N5BBI

2009                       David McDaniel AB5UE                 Rich KilmanN5BBI                                            David Scott AA7FW

2010                       Rich KilmanN5BBI                           David Scott AA7FW                                          Jim Mastrogiovanni KK5RZ


2012                       Richard McDaniel K4RMC

2013                       Al Walters K5NOF                             Richard McDaniel K4RMC

2014                       Al Walters K5NOF                             Richard McDaniel K4RMC

2015                       Al Walters K5NOF                             Ken Nichols KD3VK                                         Richard McDaniel K4RMC

2016                       Al Walters K5NOF                             Ken Nichols KD3VK                                         Richard McDaniel K4RMC[2]

2017                       Al Walters K5NOF                             Ken Nichols KD3VK[3]                                    Marsh Pronneke WA5UBO

2018                       Al Walters K5NOF[4]                        Starr Center KI5SC                                          Marsh Pronneke WA5UBO



[1]Chuck resigned January 2004.  Alex Zogheib WB5YGW appointed Director. 

[2] Richard resigned April 2016.  Marsh Pronneke WA5UBO elected Director.

[3] Ken resigned October 2016.  Starr Center elected Director.

[4] Al has been elected to successive terms as Director.