Kendall Amateur Radio Society


Field Day

Field Day is an annual amateur radio exercise, widely sponsored by IARU regions and member organizations, encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operators. In the United States, and in Canada, it is typically the largest single emergency preparedness exercise in both Countries, with over 30,000 operators participating each year. Field Day is always held over the last full weekend of June.  KARS has been participating in Field day since 1981.

Field Day 2018 - Another Field Day has come and gone.  This one was subject to new rules.  No longer did we have to run 24 hours on emergency power.  AC mains were acceptable as long as we demonstrated the ability to use emergency power, which consisted of check-starting the generator and letting it run for a minute.  Similarly, we were allowed to use in-place antenna installations., of which Al Walters K5NOF has several nice sky hooks on his ranch.  Al ran the 40m CW station from his air conditioned office in the house and used his STEPPIR tunable vertical:

At left, Al Walters K5NOF ran the 40m CW station from his office in the house and used his STEPP/IR tunable vertical.  At center, Marsh WA5UBO ran 20m SSB from under the awning of his Casita trailer with help from newcomers Brad Peace KG5YOX and David Walden KD5JVH.  Marsh set up a horizontal loaded dipole using two Ham Stick whip antennas.  Rodney Vorndam K9ROD, the EC for Kendall County, brought out a County field radio trailer so that we were able to claim category 6F as our Field Day Class.  At right, Rodney and David Weldon, KG5YOX ran 40m phone from there, using Alís 40m Yagi on an adjacent 70í tower






K4OCE & Clan

Steve Schwarz

N7RF's set up

The Rosier clan was all there, Bob, Mark, Markís brother Tom and a grandson too at left.  Bob K4OCE pulled his weight on 20m CW most of the time.  Steven Schwarz set up a digital mode station in the barn.  From there, he tapped Alís offset-fed (Windom) mult-band dipole.  Steven started out trying to use FT8 and quickly got frustrated (as I did), and moved over to PSK-31 mode: Dave Moore set up and ran a 6m station in the barn complete with a laptop computer with a second monitor running FT8 digital capability.  He was unable to deploy the 5-elemet Yagi this year because itís now on top of his tower at home.  But 6m sporadic E has been so hot of late, that one does not need much of an antenna when the band is open.  So, he brought a Par Electronics OmniangleTM halo, and mounted it 10í off the ground on a TV mast.  Dave was able to work a number of stations without difficulty on FT8 and SSB.

Digital and CW contacts count the most for score and this year we had a core group of CW operators to assure a respectable score. Total CW contacts this year totaled 413.  Digital and SSB for another 243.  Total score for this year is 3124.   This placed KB5TX third in STX, Category F.

At the same time we used Field Day to teach our new operators on-the-air skills, and tried to provide on-the-air experience to as many as we could. We want our new members to operate! Interested in CW?  Join Al -- K5NOF.  No, you don't have to use his left-handed bug.  He'll have a key or paddles for you to use.  Questions?  Email Al at

Directions to K5NOF

From Main St in Boerne, take TX-46 east five miles to Rust Lane. There will be a protected left turn lane at Rust.

From FM 3351, take TX-46 west five miles to Rust Lane. There will 300 feet or so of guard rail either side of TX-46 approaching Rust. You will see the protected left turn lane for east bound traffic ahead.

Turn north on Rust and proceed .8 miles. You will pass Matrix Imaging on the right. Rust jogs to the left around the Matrix property and then straightens out. Three hundred feet beyond the jog, you will see an open gate and a paved driveway to the west. There is a box W 48 on the right. Turn left through the gate.

Two tenths of a mile west on the driveway, you will see a big green gate on the right. There will be a sign ďAL Ė PJ 48Ē on the right. Turn right through the gate and follow the driveway onto the ranch.