Kendall Amateur Radio Society


Field Day

Field Day is an annual amateur radio exercise, widely sponsored by IARU regions and member organizations, encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operators. In the United States, and in Canada, it is typically the largest single emergency preparedness exercise in both Countries, with over 30,000 operators participating each year. Since the first ARRL Field Day in 1933, radio amateurs throughout North America have practiced the rapid deployment of radio communications equipment in environments ranging from operations under tents in remote areas to operations inside Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs).

So how did we do this past Field Day - 2017.  Not that bad.  We were able to use the "Foxtrot" classification due to our relationship with Kendall County EOC and having an EOC unit on the Field Day site.  With five transmitters, we scored third of 13 Nationally, with 808 QSO's and a score of 3716.  I suppose it is all a matter of priorities.  Ours is to go for a reasonable score while offering operating opportunities to our new Hams.

Operation last twenty-four hours, requiring scheduled relief operators to keep stations on the air. Additional contest points are awarded for experimenting with unusual modes, making contacts via satellite, and involving youth in the activity.

KARS has been participating in Field day since 1981. We generally have a good time with one another, eat good food, practice emergency preparedness, and teach the general public about Field Day and Amateur Radio. The objective is to practice setup at an unprepared location, use some form of emergency power, and then practice communicating under austere locations.

Operation is a contest between ourselves and other ARRL clubs in the US and Canada. Our Field Day location is the K5NOF ranch located at 48 Rust Lane, Boerne, TX. The location is large enough to allow multiple radio stations on the air at the same time with covered locations for the operators and stations; we have had as many as seven going at the same time. These allow us to operate CW, Digital and SSB with little interference between one and another.

Digital and CW contacts count the most for score. So we generally have a core group of CW operators to assure a respectable score. At the same time we use Field Day to teach our new operators on-the-air skills, and try to provide on-the-air experience to as many as we can. We will include you in the CW schedule if you know how to "pound brass." Otherwise will find a place for you on a key board or at the microphone.  We want our new members to operate! Interested in CW?  Join Al -- K5NOF.  No, you don't have to use his left-handed bug.  He'll have a key or paddles for you to use.

Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June. Setup can occur as early as Friday with on the air operation beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday. Field Day 2018 is June 22-24. Additional details will appear here as we get closer to the time of the event.

Directions to K5NOF

From Main St in Boerne, take TX-46 east five miles to Rust Lane. There will be a protected left turn lane at Rust.

From FM 3351, take TX-46 west five miles to Rust Lane. There will 300 feet or so of guard rail either side of TX-46 approaching Rust. You will see the protected left turn lane for east bound traffic ahead.

Turn north on Rust and proceed .8 miles. You will pass Matrix Imaging on the right. Rust jogs to the left around the Matrix property and then straightens out. Three hundred feet beyond the jog, you will see an open gate and a paved driveway to the west. There is a box W 48 on the right. Turn left through the gate.

Two tenths of a mile west on the driveway, you will see a big green gate on the right. There will be a sign “AL – PJ 48” on the right. Turn right through the gate and follow the driveway onto the ranch.