Kendall Amateur Radio Society


KARS Constitution and By-Laws


1.       ARTICLE I – Name.  This organization shall be known as the Kendall Amateur Radio Society (KARS).

2.       ARTICLE II – Object.

  1. The object of the club is to promote enjoyment, appreciation, and knowledge of the art of amateur radio in the community.
  2. To exchange information and ideas and to otherwise help anyone interested in the art.
  3. And, to serve the community in any way possible through radio communications.

3.       ARTICLE III – Officers.  Officers of the club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

4.       ARTICLE IV - Election of Officers.

  1. The annual election of officers shall take place at the regular meeting held in November. The chair shall appoint a Nominating Committee, consisting of Chairman and two (2) members, for the purpose of presenting a slate of officers for the coming year. The slate shall be presented to the general membership at the October meeting.
  2. The slate shall be presented a second time at the November meeting and the floor shall be open for additional nominations, after which voting will take place.
  3. Election shall be by written ballot, deposited in a suitable receptacle.  Tellers, two (2) in number, shall be appointed by the chair to collect, count and announce the vote. A majority vote will elect.
  4. Should there be but one candidate for an office, the chair may instruct the Secretary to cast one ballot for the nominee and he/she will be declared elected. The chair will not vote except to decide a tie.

5.       ARTICLE V – Meetings.

  1. Regular Meetings.  Regular meetings will be held monthly, on a scheduled basis, at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors.
  2. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the president at the request of a Member of the Board or by five or more active members when the president deems necessary.
  3. Forty-Eight (48) hours’ notice shall be given of any special meeting with all active members notified either by email or by phone or postal notice for those without email service. Such notification will designate the date, time, place, and business of such meeting.
  4. Only that business stated in the call of a special meeting shall be considered at the special meeting.
  5. Action taken at any special meeting shall have the same force and effect as at a regular meeting.

6.       ARTICLE VI – Membership.

  1. Any amateur radio enthusiast of good character is eligible to apply for membership in this organization. Possession of a valid amateur radio license is desirable, but not necessary.
  2. Applications, properly filled out and accompanied by the prescribed amount of dues and initiation fee set forth in the Bylaws, may be presented to the club through the membership committee or the treasurer.
  3. Applicants for membership who are under 16 years of age must present a statement, signed by their parents, which relieves the Club of all responsibility for this member in connection with all of the Club activities.
  4. Classification of Membership

1.       Active. Those members who pay the prescribed yearly dues. This group shall have voting power, exclusively. All officers of the Club shall be elected from this group.

2.       Honorary.  Conferred upon those who, through contributions of time, money, or special services, assist the Club. This membership may be conferred only by a majority vote at a regular meeting.

1.       Honorary members shall pay no dues and shall have no vote in the meeting. Honorary membership, once conferred, shall remain in effect until such time that the member may request that it be dropped or that he may request status as an active member or until a majority vote at a regular meeting shall revoke the conferred honor.

2.       Once the Honorary status has been dropped for any reason, the honor cannot be restored except by the conferring of another such membership.

3.       Honorary members may at any time assume an active status in the Club by paying the prescribed dues and without vote by the members.

  1. ARTICLE VII – Amendments.  Amendments to this constitution may be made in the following order:

1.       The proposed amendment shall be presented, in writing, to the Secretary who will present the question to a regular meeting.

2.       Discussion may follow but the issue will not be voted upon until the regular meeting following.

3.    A two-thirds vote of the active membership present is necessary to amend.  The chair will have the privilege of voting on all amendments.

-----------------------------------End of Constitution-----------------------------------



Kendall Amateur Radio Society

1.       SECTION I – Quorum.  Quorum at all regular and special meetings shall consist of eight active members, not including the presiding officer. No business shall be transacted at any regular or special meeting unless a quorum is present.

2.       SECTION II - Order of Business.

1.       The order of business at all regular meetings shall be as follows: call to order, count to determine quorum, welcome any visitors and introduce them, introduction of members, reading of minutes, treasurer's report, reports of committees, communications and bills, election of officers, applications for membership, election of members, unfinished business, new business, roll call, and adjournment.

2.       The order of business at special meetings shall be as follows: Call to order, roll call to determine quorum, statement of business of meeting, transaction of such authorized business, reading and adoption of minutes, and adjournment.

3.       SECTION III - Duties of Officers.

1.       Newly elected officers will assume their duties following the final meeting of the calendar year.

2.       The President shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the club, act ex-officio as a member of each and all committees, and perform generally the duties associated with the office.

3.       The Vice President shall assist the president in the performance of his duties and shall assume full responsibility of the president in his absence or inability to act.

4.       The Secretary shall keep minutes of all special and regular meetings of the club and of the board of directors, send out such correspondence as may be directed by the president, keep an accurate listing of all members, complete with their address and phone number, and generally perform the duties associated with the office of secretary.

5.       The Treasurer shall collect all dues and receive all money coming to the club and keep an accurate record of all such receipts together with all disbursements, reporting the financial condition of the club at each meeting. He/She shall inform the secretary and the board of directors of all members who are delinquent in their dues. The board will then decide whether or not the member shall be dropped from the roll, and so instruct the treasurer and secretary.

6.       Immediately upon receipt of any notification of a club member’s death it shall be incumbent upon any Club Officer receiving such notification to share same with as many other Officers as possible, and shall be jointly and severally responsible for carrying out the club’s social obligations including but not limited to a card and/or flowers, and attentions to console the bereaved.

4.       SECTION IV - Officers Pro Tem.

1.       In the absence of the Secretary or Treasurer, the President will appoint some member to act in that capacity.

2.       Should the President and Vice President fail to be present at a meeting, the Secretary or Treasurer will occupy the chair, make necessary appointments to other offices on a pro tem basis, and proceed to conduct the meeting.

3.       Should all officers of the club be absent, the meeting shall be cancelled.

5.       SECTION V - Removal of Officers.  Any officer may be removed in the following manner:

1.       The complaint shall first be presented to the board of directors (the officer complained against not sitting).

2.       The board will hear the complaint and if it considers said complaint to be justified, will invite the officer so charged to appear before that group. At this time the board will further investigate the charges and decide whether or not to recommend removal.

3.       If the board considers the charge warrants club action, it will present the case to the next regular meeting together with its recommendation.

4.       If at least two-thirds of the active members in attendance at the meeting when the charge is presented vote in favor of removal, the office shall be declared vacant. The voting shall be by written ballot.

5.       Should the board decide that the charge against an accused office is not justified; the charge will not be presented to the meeting.

6.       SECTION VI - Filling Vacancies in Office.

1.       An office of the club, vacated for any reason, shall be filled immediately by the board of directors. The appointee will complete the unexpired term.

7.       SECTION VII - Board of Directors.

1.       This board shall act as a governing body of the club and will be composed of the club officers and three elected directors. The directors' terms of office shall be three years, with one term expiring each year.

2.       Meetings of the board will be called by the president as often as he/she feels is necessary or upon request of five or more members.

3.       The board shall formulate suitable house rules for the guidance of the membership.

4.       The board will decide whether those members who are delinquent in their dues shall be dropped from the roll and shall so inform the secretary and treasurer.

5.       The board of directors may, at any time, with or without a hearing, suspend or expel any member who by his conduct commits an infraction of the rules and regulations of the club, or who, in any way makes himself obnoxious or undesirable.

6.       All meetings of the board, excepting those concerned with charges against an officer, will be open to any member of the club.

8.       SECTION VIII - Dues and Application Fees.

1.       The yearly dues for members shall be as described below, payable in advance:

1.       Single membership 20.00.

2.       Member and spouse $25.00.

3.       Student member $7.00. (Student membership restricted to full time students).

4.       Application fee $5.00

2.       Membership after June 30 must be accompanied by one-half the prescribed dues.

3.       Application for membership shall be on the regular blank, properly filled out and accompanied by the amount of dues prescribed in this section. Applicants shall be accepted as members by majority vote of those members present.

4.       If an applicant for membership should be rejected by the membership, the fee accompanying the application will be returned to the applicant.

9.       SECTION IX - Purchases with Club Money

1.       Purchases by and expenditures of the club shall be authorized by majority vote at any regular or special meeting with these exceptions, which may be paid by the treasurer on receipt of a bill for supplies necessary for operation of club and supplies necessary for publishing newsletter.

2.       Normal expenses incidental to the operation of the club may be authorized by the board of directors.

10.   SECTION X – Committees.

1.       The president may invite past members of the Board of Directors to form a standing committee of “Directors Emeritus.”

1.       The purpose of this standing committee is to have a pool of corporate knowledge and past experience available to discuss Kendall Amateur Radio Society (KARS) matters as determined by the President.

2.       This group will meet with the Board of Directors each October.  Other meetings may be called by the President as he/she feels necessary.

2.       Other task specific committees may be appointed by the President as the need arises.  Chairmen of these committees will not be considered members of the Board of Directors.

3.       The President shall have the power to remove and replace any standing or special committee member who does not fulfill the duties of that office and shall have the authority to add members to any committee if, in his/her opinion, it will increase the efficiency of that committee.

11.   SECTION XI – Amendments.

1.       These by-laws may be amended or revised by the same procedure set forth in Article VII of the Constitution of this club.

Revised October, 2016
Alan Walters – K5NOF
Passed November 3, 2016
Entered by Gerry Nunan, K2HIG, Secretary

------------------------------------------------End of All------------------------------------------