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Welcome to the Kendall Amateur Radio Society (KARS). We are in the South Texas Section and located in Boerne, Kendall County, Texas around 30 miles NNW from Downtown San Antonio.  Our Club was formed in October 1980.  We have a current membership of around 70, and offer a variety of ham radio activities to amateur radio operators in the surrounding Texas Hill Country, and greater San Antonio areas.  We are an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated club and strongly support our National organization.  Our skills run from technology, to CW, SSB and Digital, working HF contests, chasing DX, 50 MHz, VHF and above.

We are growing because we always look for new members and we mentor those new to our hobby.  New Hams and experienced Hams find a home with us because of our welcoming atmosphere. Once you meet us and see what we are about, we hope you will join. Your participation will be welcomed.  Please come visit.

We have 11 VE's and can test from Tech to Extra.  One does not need to be a member to test with us.  Follow this link for more information about testing. 

KARS provides and maintains the following repeaters using the Club call KB5TX.  The VHF and UHF repeaters are all Yaesu analog/digital machines.

VHF: 146.64(-)  pl tone of 88.5.  DR-2 at about 1970 feet above MSL on Tower Road.
         KARS Net meets every Tuesday night at 7pm on the 146.64 repeater.  All are welcome.
VHF: 145.19(-)  pl tone of 88.5.  DR-2 at about 50 feet AGL at Fair Oaks Ranch.

UHF: 444.9 (+) pl tone of  88.5. DR-2 using the upper UHF antenna on Tower Road.


Hot News

Good news!  Testing was discussed at the October meeting.  Still nailing down a few details; but this is what it looks like at the moment.

We will meet at the EMS facility for the November meeting.  The current plan is to have people wanting to test, to show up at 6:30pm (half hour before the meeting).  Steve V and sufficient VEs will be available to test all the way to Extra.  Testing before the meeting will allow us to maintain the required social distancing (1 wavelength on 2M!).  See
Meetings, Training and Testing for location of the EMS building and Steve Verschoyle's phone number, then call to make an appointment.

So, break out those books for final studies, take those sample exams, and good luck.

See the presentation folder for an extensive brief about Amateur Radio in the International Space Station (ARISS).

See this link < > for real-time sun-spot data from NOAA.

The next time your FT8 seems to have gone south, check your time, or better yet install a service that will sync your computer time when you boot up.  See more "how to" information in Weak Signal World & Digital.

Two VHF/UHF FM mobiles and two compact vertical antennas are for sale on the Swap Meet page.

For the latest discussions, see our GROUPS.IO page here.

This site is current a/o 17 October, 2020.

Introduction  The seed for Amateur Radio was planted in the 1890's, when Marconi began his experiments in wireless telegraphy. Soon he was joined by hundreds.  This section tells you what we are about 129 years later.
Radio Choices Many new to Amateur Radio wonder what radio to choose after their hand-held.  Here is information about Yaesu, Icom and Flex, along with links to others.  There is more about Flex in Presentations.
Station Design for HF to 50MHz Our members operate stations from simple to elaborate.  We can give you ideas for yours.
Station Design for VHF The Hill Country has many locations that are good for VHF and UHF.  With proper antennas and low loss coax, one can work much further than could be imagined.
DX This page will provide some "how to" ideas about working DX, tell how to find who is on the air and give you current propagation reports.  
LoTW and Club Log This subject discusses Ham software, how to get the rare one in the log and then how to get the confirmation.
QRP Want to get started in QRP?  KARS past President, Bob Rosier - K4OCE, recently inducted into the QRP Hall of Fame, tells you how.
Weak Signal World & Digital New modes like MSK144, FT4 and FT8 seem to be the fastest growing segment of our hobby.  See this page for FT4 and FT8 updates from Dave Moore, N7RF.
Repeaters The 444.9 and 146.64 are both DR-2 machine are located ten miles north of Boerne on Tower Road.  145.19 has been converted to DR-2 at Fair Oaks Ranch.  Click on "Repeaters" our current status.
Field Day

Many stations on the air for FD 2020 with CW alive and well.  Scores will be published by ARRL in December.

Presentations We have frequent programs on a variety of amateur radio subjects.  We also look for presentations from other clubs.  Our latest addition to the Presentations folder  is an extensive presentation on ARISS -- Amateur Radio on the International Space Station provided by Ken Nichols - KD3VK.
Technology Amateur radio technology has come a long way since the spark transmitters of 100 years or more ago.  See this page for how to use WSJT-X on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Meetings, Training and Testing We normally meet the first Thursday of each month.  Find directions at the link. We also provide direction, mentoring and when you are ready, testing.  See this page for tips how to prepare.  We have 11 Volunteer Examiners and can test from Tech to Extra once a month during our regular club meetings.  See Training, Meetings and Testing below and then call Steve Verschoyle or follow the "testing" link to make an appointment.  You do not need to be a member of our club to test.  We are open to all.
Links Here are links to various websites of interest.  If you want to hear how ship to shore CW was done just 25 years ago, check out the Maritime Radio Historical Society.
Community Activities We have a strong association with Kendall Co. EMS, the Kendall County Sheriff's Department and other organizations.  See our communication plan for interoperability with local agencies.  
Swap Meet Four items listed for sale:  Icom ID-5100 Deluxe.  Comet 250B.  Tar Heel 100HP.  Alinco DR-635T VHF/UHF FM.  Send text and picture to Webmaster.
Forms KB5TX agenda template, Membership Application and other club related forms.
Officers In addition to information in the footer, you will find the mailing address, email address, and a listing of KARS officers for 2020 here.
Constitution and By-Laws Our Constitution and By-Laws are current as of Summer, 2016.  These are updated for approval by the membership as circumstances dictate.
History of the Club KARS commenced informally around 1975 and was formally incorporated in 1980.  See this link for all the details.
Ideas for Improvement Please direct your flaming arrows at the Webmaster.   A web site lives or dies depending on its content.  Judging from the hit-counter, we must be doing pretty well.  Your ideas are welcome.

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